Indoor sanitizer device

We have equipped ourselves to help you dealing with the health threat the world is experiencing because of COVID-19. We offer AIR FOG, a powerful and effective sanitizer for indoor environments that guarantees high-level disinfection.Definitely compact, robust and easily transportable, it is perfect for hospital wards AMBULANCES Workshops stores industrial production departments Offices NBCR and […]

New dust monitoring station PM10 PM2.5 PM1

We have upgraded our PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 fine dust monitoring station! The new dust monitoring station has been equipped with the new PMx sensor created according to the European standard defined by the UNI EN 481 standard with a high degree of reliability and limited maintenance. The instrument uses an elliptical mirror and a […]

Qualità dell'aria

Air Quality Tools and Services

Smells are the major source of litigation between companies and individuals! The experience gained over the years has allowed the choice of odor and dust instrumentation to monitor dispersion with the highest, complete and reliable instrumentation that can stand alone or on the network and with high-tech features at cost accessible. The stations and monitoring […]

Iper ammortamento e super ammortamento

Wireless monitoring

The Wireless Monitoring Systems of Comai Torino Srl are suitable tools for monitoring temperature, energy consumption, operating status of refrigeration units, and many other parameters. Temperature traceability, humidity control, daytime monitoring and heating / air conditioning operation are just a few examples of what can be achieved with Comai wireless systems. The system is versatile […]

Stazioni meteo

Sale of weather stations and sensors

Comai Torino offers a range of control stations and weather stations, including wireless, wired and wireless sensors, transducers, data loggers for the most varied uses and needs. A meteorological station consists mainly of: Thermometer for temperature measurement; Barometer for measuring atmospheric pressure; Hygrometer for measuring atmospheric humidity (often used in combination with a temperature sensor); […]

Sensore all-in-one per agrometeorologia e solare

All-in-one sensor for temperature, dew point, humidity and solar radiation

In many cases it may be useful to have a single all-in-one sensor that registers multiple parameters. Comai Torino already has its sensors catalog of this type (wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, etc.). Additionally, the new TTEPRHSO sensor is used to measure the air temperature, humidity, dew point and solar radiation in a single […]

Noleggio stazioni qualità dell'aria

Rental service of air quality stations for dust monitoring

Air quality station hire service Comai Torino provides its customers with a rental service for air quality monitoring stations. Rental service applications The service is adaptable to every type of customer and need: Landfills industrial installations Road networks, vehicular traffic Yards What is included in our rental proposal? The proposal is all-inclusive and includes rental, […]