What we offer

Previsioni meteo ed energie rinnovabili

Weather forecasts and renewable energies

  • High resolution forecast weather data
  • Weather alert and weather alert for environment, civil defense, agriculture and leisure
  • Production forecast for photovoltaic and wind power plants up to 10 days.

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Applications & Services

  • WEB data management platform for environmental monitoring
  • On-line simulation systems for odor dispersion in the atmosphere
  • Production control and forecasting systems for photovoltaic and wind power plants
  • Technical and plant support on control systems

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Prodotti - Stazione meteo


  • Wide range of professional instrumentation for monitoring and control for meteorology
  • Sensors and probes for surface and underground water
  • Sensors and control stations for F-Gas
  • Smoke and dust monitoring stations
  • Dataloggers and data collection and transmission systems
  • Data management software

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Latest news

New dust monitoring station PM10 PM2.5 PM1

We have upgraded our PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 fine dust monitoring station! The new dust monitoring station has been equipped with the new PMx sensor created according to the European standard defined by the UNI EN 481 standard with a high degree of reliability and limited maintenance. The instrument uses an elliptical mirror and a […]

Qualità dell'aria

Air Quality Tools and Services

Smells are the major source of litigation between companies and individuals! The experience gained over the years has allowed the choice of odor and dust instrumentation to monitor dispersion with the highest, complete and reliable instrumentation that can stand alone or on the network and with high-tech features at cost accessible. The stations and monitoring […]

Iper ammortamento e super ammortamento

Wireless monitoring

The Wireless Monitoring Systems of Comai Torino Srl are suitable tools for monitoring temperature, energy consumption, operating status of refrigeration units, and many other parameters. Temperature traceability, humidity control, daytime monitoring and heating / air conditioning operation are just a few examples of what can be achieved with Comai wireless systems. The system is versatile […]

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