What we offer

Previsioni meteo ed energie rinnovabili

Weather forecasts and renewable energies

  • High resolution forecast weather data
  • Weather alert and weather alert for environment, civil defense, agriculture and leisure
  • Production forecast for photovoltaic and wind power plants up to 10 days.

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Applications & Services

  • WEB data management platform for environmental monitoring
  • On-line simulation systems for odor dispersion in the atmosphere
  • Production control and forecasting systems for photovoltaic and wind power plants
  • Technical and plant support on control systems

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Prodotti - Stazione meteo


  • Wide range of professional instrumentation for monitoring and control for meteorology
  • Sensors and probes for surface and underground water
  • Sensors and control stations for F-Gas
  • Smoke and dust monitoring stations
  • Dataloggers and data collection and transmission systems
  • Data management software

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